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The Hero

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[31 Mar 2003|01:10am]
[ mood | irritated ]

He waits.

He's keeping an eye on Hebe, but he's listening for the door. Ares is due to show up. If he doesn't, well, Herc's beaten him up pretty bad before.

And he's got this notion for decorating War's hall with peace signs...

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A message for that certain someone special [25 Mar 2003|11:36pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]

The Rules for Mistresses

Rule #1 - You never upset the wife.

Rule #2 - You're there to make me feel good. Upset the wife, I don't feel good.

Rule #3 - No phone calls late at night, no phone calls on the job, and no throwing dead bodies at the wife.

Rule #4 - If I cancel. Deal with it. You're not the one wearing the wedding ring.

Rule #5 - Good behavior will be rewarded. Bad behavior will be punished. You will not enjoy the punishments.

Rule #6 - The better you behave, the better your rewards. The worse you behave, the worse your punishment.

Rule #7 - A Grimace is not a smile.

Rule #8 - I don't care that you want to mark me. The point is I'm not yours. You're mine.

Rule #9 - You need me to be happy. I do not need you to be happy. I am perfectly willing to use this as a weapon.

Rule #10 - You never upset the wife.


PS: I'll see you in a month or so. And I don't care if you're busy, for the 5 minutes of my company I'm willing to grant you, you'd damned well better get free.

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OOC [22 Mar 2003|01:45pm]
Just a heads up - I am going to be un-friending a few people. Please don't take this personally; it's just that I sometimes check my friends list at work, and those of you with pics that qualify for an R rating (exposed breasts and other 'private' body parts) could create difficulties for me. If I see a user pic that my bosses kids couldn't look at (and yes, they come in sometimes), you're getting crossed off. If I don't, you won't. Ditto people who don't cut-tag items that are not work safe.

Edited to add:
Pantheon will no longer show up on my Friends page for the same reason. I will be be checking it when I am at home.
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[12 Mar 2003|07:02pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

He sat on a rock and looked out at the desert.

This had been his 'thinking place' for a long time. It was quiet and isolate, and it was a good place for him to work through things. Unfortunately, that wasn't happening now.

His thoughts swirled, refusing to settle; he'd no sooner start thinking about one thing than another thought would intrude, then another.

Ares, Dite, love; Dia and Hebe, efforts made and precious things lost.

He'd always had a hidden affection for Ares. A desire, dating back to his ascension, to be friends, buddies - someone who he could hang out with. A little curiosity about other possibilities, yes, but not... And he knows Ares doesn't love him, regardless of what the other god may think. Love is barred from him, and to him.

Dite, and Love. He can't feel it now. But he remembers. Having his Dia the most important thing in his life, one of his reasons to get up in the morning. Needing to be with her. And now just an empty feeling; the awareness that something is missing.

Hebe, who told him that someone who loved her wouldn't hurt her. Who he promised to protect, only to find himself powerless to combat his opponent's moves. Who he has to hurt, to prevent worse hurt.

Dia. Who he's terrified he's lost, even if he doesn't understand right now why she's so important.

He hates this feeling of helplessness. Of being a pawn in someone else's game.

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[24 Feb 2003|12:52am]
[ mood | busy ]

He'd had a busy day. It was hard work, making that many changes to his people. But they needed to be made, and he'd never shirked hard work.

Some of the changes would be immediate, but most of them would take longer to make themselves felt. He'd put the most emphasis on slowing the number of heroic acts having to do with war. If Ares wanted his cooperation, he was damned well going to have to bargain for it. He didn't fool himself into thinking there were going to be major changes immediately. Those who had committed themselves would stay committed - but the ones who were still uncertain, those he could influence.

The other changes were more subtle, and would take longer to have an effect. He was going to be a busy, busy god for a while. He yawned. Time to sleep. Tomorrow he wanted to be up early.

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Google Meme, gaked from Hel_dot_com [22 Feb 2003|11:02pm]
[ mood | confused ]

Hercules is thrilled to announce its new Gamesurround Muse
Well... I can if you want, but I don't know her. Can I meet her first so I know who she is?

Hercules is not gone!!!
Um. No. I'm right here.

Hercules is an open source software implementation of the mainframe System/370 and ESA/390 architectures, in addition to the new 64-bit z/Architecture.
I'm... what? I don't think I speak that language. Can someone tell me what that means?

Hercules is the walrus.
Err... What?

Hercules is thrilled to announce the launch of Gamesurround Fortissimo
Is he related to that muse I haven't met yet?

Hercules is delighted to announce the release of its 3D Prophet ALL-IN-WONDER
No, no, no. I don't do prophets. I do HEROS. Did Ares sign me up as an announcer as a joke?

Hercules is a political primitive.
Ares, shut up.

Hercules is buying into the paper chemicals business
No... I keep pretty busy with the god stuff.

Hercules is visible in the Southern Hemisphere from May until August.
Well, my constellation is, yeah.

Hercules is the only one who can foul up his plans.
But why would I do that to myself?

Hercules is the lowest priced electric winch on the market!
I am NOT for sale! And if I was I wouldn't be cheap!

Hercules is ugly.
Shut up, Ares. *Snort* Hebe doesn't think so.

Hercules is a myth!
Well... yeah. And a god.

Hercules is back.
...I left?

Hercules is delivered to the United States Coast Guard.
*Baffled* Why would I be...

Hercules is here to save the day.
Well, of course!

hercules is a twit.
Ares? Door, right over there. Close it after you go through.

Hercules is the kindest of Border Collies, he believes that all creatures, human, canine or otherwise are his friends.
Someone is very confused. I don't think it's me.

Hercules is a high-wing, medium-range aircraft flown by the Air Force Reserve Command for weather reconnaissance missions
No. I'm a god. Get it straight!

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[12 Feb 2003|12:08pm]
[ mood | tired ]

He dunks his head in the bath, scrubbing fiercely. He doesn't want any trace of blood left on him when he finds Hebe. He's not sure it will help, but it certainly couldn't hurt.

He washes quickly, wanting to find her as quickly as he can. He's not sure how long he was out, but he's certain that she knows of his abduction by now. She's likely to be frantic, if not in a full-blown panic by this point. He needs to find her, and reassure her that he's all right. He doesn't want her getting into it with Ares - any truce with the war god is a fragile thing at best, and he'd like to preserve it as long as possible.

He steps out of the tub, reassured by the lack of tint in the water this time. He should be clean enough. He dries hastily and dons a robe - he thinks it's Alexi's - and swallows the last of the ambrosia before transporting himself to his rooms to dress. The clothes he was wearing before are ruined, and he needs to go out to find his wife.

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[05 Feb 2003|02:44pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

He walked home from Ares temple, still dripping wet. He needed a bath, a change of clothes, and some ambrosia for healing. And it had been such a good day, too, for the most part - untill he'd run into Ares.

He'd grumble, but that was hard to do when your throat had been cut recently. Even with godly healing, it was going to take a bit of time and healing yet before he could speak. At which point Hebe was going to want to know what in Olympus had happened to him - he'd only gone to chat with Seth, and here he was coming home looking like something the cat dragged in.

He was going to have to talk to Athene about Ares. He was tired of trying to keep his brother god in line. At least he had the consolation of the flummoxed look he'd left on Ares face when he departed.

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[15 Jan 2003|01:02am]
[ mood | depressed ]

He gathered another fur and piled more items on it. He tried to be careful, but he heard the sound of something snap when he gathered the bundle. He just hoped the rope held long enough. It was old and weak.

Most of the things here were old. Some of them dated back to his mortal days. He'd done his best to take care of them, but he couldn't restore them.

Hebe could. He suppressed the thought. Hebe was... elsewhere. And even if she returned, he wouldn't be here. He'd send her a message, once he knew where he would be. He hoped he could stay with the boys.

But he had to get his things out of here. He couldn't leave them for Ares to find.

He continued hunting, feeling carefully along the cave walls for items he may have missed. It was fortunate he'd used this cave as his retreat for centuries. He was fairly sure he'd gotten almost everything. If he'd been less agitated, he might have been able to inventory from memory. As disturbed as he was, and with the way things had gotten jumbled when he waited for the intruder, there wasn't a chance for that now.

He finished his search, finding a few items he'd missed and adding them to the last bundle. He'd come back when he was healed to see if he'd missed anything - assuming Ares hadn't returned and destroyed anything remaining.

Being blind hadn't been as much of a handicap as he thought. He gathered the bundles carefully and prepared to vanished from the only real home he'd had for most of his days as a god.

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He wakes [06 Jan 2003|07:30pm]
[ mood | enraged ]

The first thing he feels is pain.

Pain like fire, pain like acid has been poured into each stab and slash he received at Ares' hands. He's bruised and battered, having taken injuries that would have slain a mortal many times over. Despite the time that has passed, the wounds are only barely crusted over.

Next comes confusion.

The world has gone mad around him. He can feel something covering him, something cold and sticky, with bits of fur and flesh. Brambles and vines surround him, the thorns biting into already battered flesh.

Then anger.

Rage stirs in him. It's unfocused, undirected, and all-consuming. The desire to smash, destroy... something. To kill whatever it is that is hurting him, to obliterate who or whatever it was that - his memory spins away; whatever the crime was, the knowledge of it is lost to him now. But a crime was committed, and the wrongdoer must pay.

Finally, need.

He wants. There's something he requires. Lost in the confusion of the chaos storm, his mind dazzled, he can't remember what it is. But he must have it, and must have it now.

His eyes open, and he tears himself free of the entangling underbrush. He lurches to his feet, clothes ragged, his body coated with torn vines, animal parts, and blood. He doesn't know where he is, but he can feel the power tearing around him.

He heads for its center, making his way through the ruins of the temple.

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Owww [04 Jan 2003|02:06am]
[ mood | sick ]

Oh Gaia. Oh please. Someone make it stop. It's cruel to bang a drum around someone with a hangover.

Oh Olympus, my head hurts.

Quiet. Quiet, please. I should have stayed at seth_dot_com's temple. I love kids, really I do, but I'd swear none of them had a drum yesterday.

Why won't he stop already?

Not even dragging the pillow over my head helps. Which is kind of odd...

Oh. That's my pulse.

Oh gods and goddesses my head hurts.

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[31 Dec 2002|05:46pm]
[ mood | determined ]

He paced.

He was going to have to ask her. He'd put it off far too long already. Now that they were on speaking terms... She seemed to be in a good mood lately. They'd been talking, and kissing, and stuff. She seemed to really like him. He wondered if Isis' curse had helped - and if she'd start getting get more annoyed with him now that it had worn off.

She might. It seemed strange these days, how they were getting along. He hoped it lasted; he hoped they got along even better as time went on. But if there was any chance they wouldn't, he needed to talk to her now.

It was time for the boys to come home.

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Women are strange [11 Dec 2002|07:51pm]
[ mood | pensive ]

I'll never figure out women.

Isis and I had a talk last night. I'm not really sure what it was about, but we did mention heroes, and competition, and horses.

I'd think one of apollo_dot_com's ponies would beat a mortal quarter horse, don't you?

Hebe's been really nice lately. I like that. I just wish I knew why, exactly.

The tree is really pretty. She decorated it so it had little lamps all over it, not just the roses. I need to get her a Saturnalia present.

I need to talk to the servants. They tidied up and now I can't find half my stuff.

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OOC [08 Dec 2002|05:05pm]
[ mood | giddy ]

Back online. Power! WARMTH!

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OOC [06 Dec 2002|05:00pm]
[ mood | cold ]

[Posted via public library computer]

Offline till the power comes back on.

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Gleeful [05 Dec 2002|02:34am]
[ mood | excited ]

HA! I've not only got the biggest Christm... err, Saturnalia tree on Olympus, I'll bet it's the rarest, too! How many other gods have trees that have been extinct for thousands of years?

I'm putting a big star on top (silver, of course), and white roses to decorate, once it's up.

No, you can't see it yet. It's laying down in the back yard.

Yes, that was the huge crash you heard last night. I'm sure Hebe will fix the broken branches on that side.

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[03 Dec 2002|11:29pm]
[ mood | relaxed ]

Well, thinks are looking pretty good on the personal front. Not only did ares_dot_com give me a suit of armor as a memento, but apollo_dot_com has expressed an interest in me as well.

But why are all the ladies hanging back? Come on, don't be shy! There's plenty of me to share!

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Shocked [26 Nov 2002|12:24am]
[ mood | jubilant ]

All this time, and I never knew. All the years we wasted on bickering and quarreling.

Yes, ares_dot_com has finally revealed his secret. I had no idea.

It was all just jealousy. But now that I know of his deep love and desire for me, we can start all over again! I'm sure I'll make him a very happy god. Even if he does end up walking funny.

The declaration of love was a surprise, I must admit. And he became shy when he realized what he had revealed. But it all worked out. We slipped off into his private chambers, and while I admit I don't remember everything that happened, I'm sure it was fabulous. The odd thing was I don't remember drinking that much ambrosia, but boy my head sure hurt when I woke up.

And I still haven't figured out why I woke up chained to his wall.

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Cool! I've got a harem! [26 Nov 2002|12:06am]
Hey everybody! Party at my place!

Err, which is also Hebe's place. But she's out, so no problem.

They keep telling me I'll get my own temple soon...
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Home Sweet Home [24 Nov 2002|01:51pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Back from my little adventure.

Had some fun. Slew wrongdoers, looted, the whole nine yards. Plenty of carousing, and the barmaids were friendly, if you know what I mean. The trip back was a pain in the ass - got caught in a series of gales and storms, but of course being an master sailor (as well as a master at so many other things), they were merely annoyances.

Like the new digs. I'll have to wander around and annoy visit ares_dot_com , and find hebe_dot_com so she can give a proper 'Welcome Home' to the Hero (that's me, for the slow-witted among you).

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